Where can I purchase brochures, banners, business cards etc?

You may purchase product and compensation brochures, banners ,your personalized business cards and other OG tools via http://ogbusinesstools.com/.

May I get a digital copy of the business card template so I can produce my own card?

Except for pre-approved promotional items that may be available for sale by the Company, no Distributor or business entity may use Company trademarks, logos, or designs on any independently produced promotional items (e.g: vehicle decals/magnets/clings, key chains, hats, shirts, mugs, business cards, banners, stickers, stationary, etc.).

Please visit us at ogstore.organogold.com  and click Business Tools to make a purchase for banner, business card, brochures and other Organo Gold Business Tool items.

What contact information can I put on my business card?

You are able to put your Full Name, 1 to 2 numerical phone numbers, 1 valid email address and your Organo Gold replicating website only.

Can I put my own website address on my business card?

Due to standard compliance, OG Business Tools can only put your Organo Gold replicating website, the one that has a suffix of .organogold.com (i.e. www.yourlogin.organogold.com). This is your log-in name on your Organo Gold account.

Can I put my distributor ID number or alpha-numeric phone numbers on my business card?

Due to standard compliance and production procedure, OG Business Tools can only put 1 to 2 numerical phone numbers on your business card

Can I put my professional designation / title (Ph.D, J.D., RN, MD, etc.) on my business card?

Due to standard compliance and production procedure, OG Business Tools is unable to include professional designations in your name. Only your legal full name is allowed (ie. Name that appears on government issued ID).

OG Business Card Proof

OG Business Tools are making improvements to serve you better.

When you order personalized business cards and banners, you will soon be able see right away how the item/s would look like with your information on them. You can approve or make changes on the spot before submitting the order. No more sample images will be emailed. Once the order is submitted, item/s will be printed right away as shown on the website image you approve and shipped out sooner.

Easy to follow instructions on how to enter your information will be posted on the product page. Kindly read the posted guidelines for certain restrictions that may apply before you begin.

We are always here for you. Our friendly Customer Service Representatives would be happy to answer any questions you may have. Please feel free to call 1-877-674-2661 or email support@organogold.com

What happens after I place my order for business card?

OG Business Tools will send you a sample image of your card with all the information you entered when you placed the order. It will be sent to the email address you entered for the business card. You must reply to that email with APPROVED or indicate any changes before the cards are printed. Once approved, production takes 1- 3 business days and shipping takes approximately 7-10 business days.

How is the Shipping process?

All products are considered to be "In Stock" except for those that require customization such as "Business Cards" and other products that contain entry fields. All orders containing only "In Stock" products are to be processed and shipped out within three business days. Production for orders containing one or more customize product(s) takes 3 - 5 business days upon receipt of proof approval by client. Flat rate shipping within North America takes 7 - 10 business days.

How do I track and check the status of my order?

A tracking number will be emailed to your registered email and posted on your OG Business tools profile. You can log in at ogstore.organogold.com , Business Tools tab any time to view your tracking number, order history and check the status of your order.

I want to make changes, cancel or hold my order, how do I do that?

As long as the orders have not been shipped out or printed out in case of personalized items, you may make changes, cancel or hold your business tool orders by emailing us atbusinesstools@organogold.com quoting your request and order number.

48hr Price Drop FAQs

48hr Price Drop FAQs

What is the 48hr Price Drop?

A promotion, where selected items on ogbusinesstools.com will have a price drop for a period of 48 hours.

 When will the 48hr Price Drop happen?

Three days before the sale takes place, we will announce it on ogbusinesstools.com. It will be prominently posted on the main page. Please check the website for the latest updates. 

 What items will be on sale?

The items will be announced when the sale happens. Not all items will be on sale, but select items will be up to 40% off.

 During the sale, you will see the 48hr Price Drop logo on items that are on sale.

 Do I need a promo code for the sale?

No promo code is needed. The sale price will automatically appear for everyone who would like to purchase a sale item.  

 What if I miss the sale?

If you miss the sale, there is always next time to save on some incredible OG Business Tools!

 Disclaimer : Organo Gold reserves the right to cancel this promotion without prior notice.