Orders can be paid through the following:


1.  Bank/ Wire Transfer 

Russia and Kazakhstan:

Реквизиты для банковского перевода:
ООО «Органо Голд Интернэшнл»
115114, г.Москва, ул. Летниковская, д.10, стр.4
ИНН 7705985166, КПП 770501001
ЗАО «ВТБ 24» г. Москва , Р/с 40702810800000046358,
К/с 30101810100000000716 в ОПЕРУ Московского ГТУ Банка России
БИК 044525716, ИНН 7710353606, КПП 775001001,
ОГРН 1027739207462



ТОВ " Органо Голд Інтернешнл Юкрейн" 

Код ЕДРПОУ 38092344 
AT "Сбербанк Росії", МФО 320627 
р/р 26003013008525



1. Place the order in the backoffice

2. Choose pick up or delivery

3. receive the e-mail with your order number

4. Go to the bank "Sberbank Rossii", give your name, ID number, Order number to the bank cashier

5. Pay money

6. Receive the receipt (in which there is the distributor's name, ID, Order number)

7.Come with the receipt to the office to pick up the product (if it is pick up) or wait for the delivery 

*Bank transfer:

The money paid onto OG Ukraine bank account is seen next day


1. place the order in the backoffice

2. choose pick up or delivery

3. receive the e-mail with the order number

4. Go to the i-box machine, type in your name, ID, order number

5. insert cash inside the i-box machine

6. receive the receipt (which has ID, order number)

7. go to the office with the receipt to get the product or wait for the delivery


The payments can be seen next day, The money is on the bank account within 3 working days


2. Credit Card Payment  

We accept Visa, OG Visa and Mastercard  for payments made through the back office. 

3. OG Visa Payment (Hyperwallet)

The option will be displayed at the payment option if there are sufficient funds in a distributor's OG Wallet.