To return a product for replacement, the distributor or retail customer must follow the following procedures:

- Only defective product must be returned for replacement (sealed sachets but no contents or caked contents)

- Customer must bring the product together with copy of official invoice/ receipt at Organo Gold Nigeria Center and surrender to Receiving and Dispatching Unit (RDU).

- The RDU In-charge will check product for any defect like empty sachets inside the box (sealed but no contents/ caked contents),  date of the invoice and expiry date of returned product. 

- If defect was found to be from the manufacturing, same product will be issued to the customer as a replacement. Defective products cannot be replaced by different merchandise having different value and commissionable volume.

- Defective product must be returned for replacement within 30 days from the date of purchase. After 30 days, no product will be entitled for replacement