Distributors can post events on the website directly from the Back office. To do this, please follow the steps below:


1. Click Events on the left hand side Menu panel

2. Click "Post an Event"

3. Based on your lifetime rank, you will see event types that you can post on the drop down menu.

4. Fill up the required information and click Submit at the bottom of the page. 



- Your request will be submitted with the status "For Approval" and will be updated within 24-48 hours. Once approved, it will be displayed in the main OG Website http://www.organogold.com/events/. 

- If the submitted event is edited in the back office, the status will revert to "For Approval" again.

- If an event is "Disapproved", there will be an explanation provided. 

- In case an event has been approved but it will not push through (for whatever reason), please select "Cancel" on the status  so that it doesn't get displayed in the Event Page


Event Types & Restriction based on Lifetime  Rank :

1.       Coffee Jazz Mixers - available to ALL distributors  (Note : Hostname & Exact Address won't show on Event Page)
2.       Income Opportunity Presentation -  available for Ruby & Above  (Note : Venue should be a public place. Home addresses will be Disapproved)
3.       Getting Started Training -  available for Ruby & Above
4.       Super Saturdays  - available for Blue Diamond & Above
5.       Elite Training -    available for Black Diamond & Above.