It is very important for all Zendesk Agents to adhere to these guidelines in order for the communication channels to function correctly.

1)  a)Zendesk user - refers to agent/staff who use Zendesk. You can find the list in the Macro -send to.


     b)OG non  Zendesk user - refers to staff who use an OG gmail account.




2) To send an email to a Zendesk user -  use MACRO- send to

     If you need to write something on the response box , please make sure the public comment button is uncheck.

     Also, make sure that ticket status is open. 

3)  To send a message to an OG non Zendesk user using your Zendesk account.  Please do not change the requester or cc the OG non Zendesk user.

     Instead, please create a new ticket.   The ticket number (with the issue) and Organo Gold Help Desk  should be the subject.


4)  To forward a ticket to an OG non Zendesk user

              - Do not change the requester

              - add the email add of the OG non Zendesk user in the CC field.

              - add the email address in the body of your letter.

              - and the message should be " I will forward your request/inquiry to the right department......"

5)  When creating a ticket....

            - Please make sure the status is open

            - Assign it to yourself by putting your name as the assignee.


6) To monitor your tickets properly, you can update the status to "pending" and this will go to your pending inbox. Once they reply back the ticket will be moved to OPEN.


Please be advised that all tickets should be forwarded to the appropriate departments concerned as soon as possible in order to maintain our 24-48 hr response time guarantee. If you have any questions or issues in the above instructions, please send it to