Procedure will be as follows:

1. OG will be sending out an email blast to the USA distributors informing them that an "agreement to receive their 1099 electronically" is now available in the backoffice upon log in, they must click Agree in order to receive this electronically by December 30. If they DO NOT Agree, then we will mail the 1099 to them by mail. Accounting will be keeping track of who Do Not Agree to this so they know who to mail it to. I will also have a report ont hose who has not responded yet and CSR will need to contact them and remind them to review the agreement. 

2. Once the 1099's are available on January 31, 2013, we will be sending out another email with instructions on how to access their 1099's via their backoffice. Basically their will be a "tax document" link in their backoffice that they will click, then the 1099 in PDF can be downloaded. They can print this and access themeselves anytime. 

3. The 1099's will be posted in and be available in their backoffice from January 31 to October 15 of that year. 

4. If they "Agreed" to receiving it electronically, they can withdraw from that agreement anytime before January 31 by providing a written statement that they changed their mind and would like to receive this by mail instead. This withdrawal statement can be submitted to (Support will need to compile and send the ID numbers and written statement to accounting for their reference) 

5. The agreement to receive electronically is lifetime, unless they submit a written statement by mail or email that they wish to cancel and receive 1099 by mail.