The new policy was recently updated by our bank in July.

1. For wire transfer
In order to prevent fraudulent transaction, if customer would like to do wire transfer , the name we have in Myogwallet has to match with the name on recipient's bank account. Just like the case we had yesterday, if the name does not match the transaction will be rejected by the bank. To resolve the issue, customers have to wire the funds into their own bank account or customers need to update the name in Myowallet for our bank to approve the transaction.

2. Cashout
For cashout (ACH transfer) customers can transfer funds to any bank account.
Only customers in Hong Kong, Poland,UAE ,UK ,Turkey, New Zealand and  Australia need to cashout the fund into their own bank account.

3. Pre-paid card
The new policy will not affect the pre-paid card. For OG customers, they can request one primary card and one secondary card in Myogwallet. We allow customers to  use a different name when they request the secondary card.

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