The following has been implemented effective immediately:

1. Street Address, Zip Code and Extended Zip Code Mis Match-Decline

2. Street Address Mis match, Zip Code ok and Extended Zip Code ok- Decline

3. No Billing Address- Decline

4. AVS Invalid- Decline (which in the situations of 1, 2, 3)

5. CCV mis match or unavailable- Decline

6. Regional IP Block, transactions done from Africa, Antarctica and Middle East -Decline

Dominican Republic: - Same as above plus they will not be able to place online orders if more than $1000.00. They must call to our lines to place orders more that $1000.00 or send Credit card authorization.



Standard answer:

At Organo gold , it has always been our top priority to maintain our distributor's security and confidence in our ordering system.  Please be advised that we have implemented a system that only allows an order to go through if the following conditions are met.  These information must match exactly the details that you have submitted to your credit card company. 

Street Address

Zip Code

Extended Zip Code 


We apologize for any convenience this might have caused you.  We are continuously improving and implementing procedures that are meant to benefit all our distributors.  We appreciate and support your business.