There is a pop-up memo on Australian distributor's back office reminding them to update their ABN (Australian Business Number) info in their account or to provide the "Statement by a supplier", see attached screen shot for details.

Based on the frequently asked questions after this memo was posted, AU office has prepared for the following FAQ, PH AU agents are already informed of this, please let CA agents be aware as well:

1. Can AU agents update ABN when the distributors call in and provide the ABN over phone?


*Preferably, the distributor must enter it themselves, so there are no blaming for mistakes. However, if they insist on CSR to update, we must ask for backup documents, such as update application form and scanned copy of photo ID (drivers license).

2. What procedures are provided to the Distributor if they call in and ask about their missing commission due to missing ABN? 


Withholding of 46.5% will start in October for monthly total earning exceeds $75 and the account is missing ABN or no "Statement by a Supplier" is submitted. If a distributor calls about "missing" commissions due to the withholding, it is most likely due to the missing ABN, and unfortunately, once a commission has been released and withholding applied, we can no longer do anything about it. We should just advise the distributor to submit their ABN as soon as possible. Or, if they do not have an ABN, ask them to submit the "Statement by a Supplier" form to the Australia office asap. (Please note that 46.5% withholding will be remitted directly to ABR (Australian Business Register).

3. What procedure needs to be followed if ABN on a Distributor's account is incorrect? 

ABN can be edited by the CSR, however, before editing, we should ask for an updated Distributor Application form with the correct ABN and a Govt issued photo ID. Preferably the distributor can edit the number in their back office for simplicity.

4. What procedure needs to be followed if ABN on a Distributor's account is missing? 

Distributor can update it themselves with the pop up message in the backoffice, or again if they do not have an ABN, they must be asked to submit the Statement by Supplier Form to the Australia office via email, fax or mail. 


Distributors inquiring about whether they need an ABN can obtain advice from the Australian government website -  ABN Lookup

or the Australian tax Office Website and search for "apply for an ABN"

If Distributors are wishing to edit the ABN they have previously entered in their back office, the number will be encrypted and only show the last three digits, so they would have to submit a distributor application form and drivers license ID for a CSR to update it for them. This would not happen often, because they wouldn't be changing ABN numbers too often. It will only be if there is a data entry error.