The business card ordering site is live and can start taking orders. There are a couple minor changes to make to the page but it is functioning.  We have not yet broadcast the site’s availability to the field so order have yet to be placed.

The next step is to broadcast the link and add it to the back office.

The url for the site is:

There are a few items to consider when a distributor orders from the site.

1)      They must have their pop-up blocker off when ordering from the site

2)      Distributors are required to sign up for a Free Account and must complete mandatory details before placing first order.  Registration details will be emailed upon account creation.

3)      Distributors must understand the printing service is provided by an independent 3rd party.  Any questions or concerns regarding their order must be directed to Worldwide Printing and not Organo Gold (this is mentioned on the login page)

4)      Orders are paid via credit card only and transacted as Worldwide Printing Pty Ltd on credit card statement.  Invoices will be emailed upon confirmation of order payment.

5)      NZ distributors will be charged in AUD. The transaction will include AU GST component (could not change this)

6)      NZ orders will take an additional week for shipping.  (Standard AU delivery 3-5 days from order approval)

Pricing and min order quantities as follows:

OG Business Card & OG Card VRed - 1 side print

Qty 50 = $30 + $2 delivery (ex GST)

Qty 250 = $39 + 10 delivery (ex GST)

OG Card Beans, Cup & Lady - 2 sided print

Qty 250 = $48 + $10 delivery (ex GST)

Qty 500 = $64 + $10 delivery (ex GST)