(please do not forget to attach the documents on the ticket)


Dear Distributor,

If you intend to hold a special event that involves sales or promotion of our products, you will have to request proper authorization.  The Special Event Request Form included in attachments contains two sections; on the upper portion of the form we collect important information that needs to be evaluated and the bottom half contains guidelines applicable to any distributor holding a special event.

You must complete this form and submit it duly signed at compliance@organogold.com or by fax at 1-604-288-5489. You can expect a response within 24-48 hours (business hours) after submission.

The Compliance Department will evaluate your request and ultimately approve or deny it. If the nature of the event is controversial your request could be denied, other considerations are also applicable.  Please be reminded that additional information could be requested by the Distributor Compliance department in order to evaluate your submission. If you have further questions please contact them directly.