Thank you for your inquiry about a DBA application


The following information is provided in your copy of the Distributor Policy and Procedures which is available in your back office under the Other/Documents heading:


All Distributors that desire to participate in the Organo Gold Compensation Plan must register by 

completing “Independent Distributor Application Form” as an individual. After the original Application is 

accepted by the Company, if the Distributor wishes to operate their Distributor Status using a business 

entity name, whether sole proprietor, partnership, corporation, or other form, they must complete a 

“Distributor Doing Business Under As” (DBA) Form and submit it with requisite documentation to Organo 

Gold for approval. Organo Gold reserves the right to levy a AUD$100.00 fee, including penalties and 

administrative fees, to any Distributor who attempts to register a fictitious entity name that does not 

belong to a bona fide and legal entity.


The forms required can be found in your back office under the heading Other/Documents.


DBA - Doing Business as an Entity form 

Independent Distributor application form

Company ABN documentation verifying the ABN is current - the ABN and ABN name must also match the Organo Gold account and OG Wallet account


We may also request Proof or Certificate of the legally entitled person to do business on behalf of the company, in case that the applicant’s name does not appear on the ABN documentation


Please, keep in mind that ID numbers must be referenced in all correspondence with the company. 


All information should be forwarded to for proper review and they will contact you if any additional information is necessary.