As we all know, when Compliance suspend the distributor's OG account, their OG wallet account will be locked as well. When Compliance reinstates the OG account, they will email the distributor the following template. Hyperwallet will be notified to remove the "Lock" status for the OG wallet, this may take one business day.

As the distributor receives the following email, they may check their OG wallet immediately and at the time, the OG wallet can be still in the process of reactivation. Kindly advise the distributor of the process that we have sent the request to Hyperwallet and the Wallet account will be unlocked in one business days.

Dear  (Name) ,

Thank you for your collaboration. This communication serves as confirmation that your account has been effectively reinstated. Please check on the status of your Autoship as it could have been cancelled during the suspension process.

Kindly note that reactivation of the OGWallet account might take a few more hours.