Cheque Request Refund (CRF) – USA & Canada


Refund by cheque is done for the following cases:


1)    Order to be refunded by cheque  - USA & CA:  orders returned within one year but by the time the refund is processed 1 yr. has passed.;   USA:  Orders with invoice date prior to June 1,2013 but not beyond 1 year from original transaction date will be refunded by cheque


a)    If order is below $500

  • CSR can confirm the credit card #, cc holder and address via phone and note it in the account, must notify the Refund department (Kevin or Michiko), if the distributor cannot verify that information they might need to submit a bank statement to support the claim.

  • Refund Department has to verify credit card holder with Accounting first before creating CRF.


b)    If order is above $500   

  • Distributor needs to submit a bank statement showing either of the following information: order transaction, last four digit of the credit card used or credit card number.  Credit card holder name and address must clearly show in the statement and must be confirmed.

  • Distributor may choose to submit the credit card copy clearly showing the card number and name of the cc holder plus any billing statement as a reference to where we will be sending the cheque.



2)    Credit cards used to purchase the orders are expired, cancelled or closed



  • Letter/statement from the bank stating that the credit card number has been cancelled. Bank online confirmation that the account was closed can be accepted too. Please make sure credit card number and cc holder’s name appear on the letter/statement.

  • Billing Statement/Utility bill of cc holder for proof of address if different from what is in the backoffice system


3)    Stop Payment Request/Reissuing Cheques


  • The distributor did not receive cheque over 10 business days

  • Cheque returned to the office

  • Cheque sent to the wrong address, payee name incorrect

** Fees and condition may apply. Please refer below**



Standard fee of $15.00 applies for reissuing checks

No Fee:

- Lost in mail/never received; within 180 days

- Special cases (waived by Michiko/Rebeca)



Charge Fee:

- Lost in mail/never received; past 180 days; exception given (new check date)

- Incorrect address, name, etc. (except if it’s our mistake)

- received by distributor/payee but lost the check for any reason




Please Note:


1)    Estate Cases


  • If cc holder is deceased, refund will still be to the card holder in the same form as the original payment was submitted

  • If to be refunded by cheque, payee will still be under the cc holder’s name and sent to cc holder’s address


2)    Effective immediately, refund for USA transactions processed from June 1, 2013 can be refunded online within one year from transaction date. This would be in line with OG’s one-year buyback policy.


3)    Cheque cut-off date is every Wednesday at 4:00 pm and sent out every Friday of the same week. Any cheques received in the ticketing system after the cut off day/time will be sent out the following week (Friday) unless it’s very urgent and approved by Accounting to be sent in the current week


4)    Refund log of processed and approved cheques can be downloaded in CSR folder in the following weeks cut off.


5)    Please be advised that distributors may refuse to submit a bank statement however this could be vital in cases where the distributor files a chargeback against Organo Gold.  Bank statements would also make the refund processing more efficient, accurate and faster.