Dear Distributor,

According to Organo Gold's Policy and Procedures referenced in your BackOffice, every OG Distributor is required to provide his/her Social Security Number (SSN) for tax purposes in accordance with the US government regulations for self-employed individuals.

You must complete both the W9 Form and the Independent Distributor Application Form; these documents can be downloaded from your BackOffice, they are located under the "Documents" section. Once you complete these forms, they must be submitted to us via fax 604-288-5489 or via email

If you are missing your Tax ID number in your file, the law requires us to withhold a tax of 28% on any earnings that OG releases to your distributorship account. In addition to withholding this tax, you may also be subject to additional penalties by the IRS for failing to provideus with your correct Name/TIN combination.

You can expect a call from our Customer Service team; they will reach out to you with a friendly reminder regarding this matter. Please respond to our request no later thanJanuary 16, 2015 in order to avoid the suspension of your Organo Gold account.



According to the local regulation of Idaho, the company (Organo Gold) is required to provide the distributors the copy of agreement as attached to the eblast.