1.    Membership  Cancellation Request

-Before providing the “Membership cancellation” macro, please make sure the distributor does not have an active auto ship . If yes, please cancel it but inform the dist about it.
-Please make sure that his/her OG wallet is empty. If not, please remind the dist to cash out the remaining balance.
2.    OG Wallet Activation Request

-Please ensure the Og wallet account is pre-activated prior to providing the macro “OG wallet activation”. If not, it means that og wallet needs to be created by our og wallet team, therefore, please move the ticket to Jill/og wallet via macro
-Also, please do not forget to check the country of registration and make sure the country has og wallet.
3.    Unregistered Accounts

The main reason of an unregistered account is due to a declined transaction of the order.  Please find out the reason why the order has a decline transaction by going to the credit card details.
Ie. Insufficient funds, incorrect billing address, maximum limit etc.
4.    I would like to upgrade my package inquiries
Please check the entry date and notes prior to providing the cc authorization form/order form to the dist. Please note that from 0-6 months can be approved by a csr agent but from 6-12 month, you need to ask for an approval from  supervisor/manager.
5.    Distributor’s rank -  Diamond and above

Please be reminded that distributor with the rank of Diamond and above must be forwarded to diamond support.
6.    Country of registration
This is really important when you have to provide information regarding refunds, policies and procedures, og wallet and compliance account update requests as information might vary from country to country.  Our macros are available as our reference but we need to make sure the information we provide to our distributors are personalize.
7.  You have been already assisted

Please double check the distributor issue has already been fixed or his request has been solved.
8.    I have changed some information in my website profile and is not updated yet.
Please inform the distributor that the change will be reflected within 24 hours.
9.    I would like to change the email address registered in my account. 
In order to prevent any fraud issues, please do not forget to ask the security questions entered in their og wallet account prior to changing their email address since it is linked with their Og wallet account.  Also, it is always safe to ask an additional security question like their DOB and last four of their tax id.
-          Scan tickets.  Please scan your emails and reassign tickets that are not your language/group.
-          Kindly open all the sites you will use during the day and get ready to assist our Distribuitors via Live chat/email.  It includes Ogwallet, Mexico Layout,  Main support gmail account (which is very useful since we can get information from the e-blast notifications), Help Desk Forum, ticketing system etc. 
-          Security purposes. always verify the email address of the requester and make sure, it is the same as the one registered in their Organo Gold profile.  
-          Read your email carefully.  If you are not sure about the distributor’s request, feel free to ask for further details/screenshot in order to provide the proper procedure/information.
-          Improve our “first response”. It does not look good if you go back to the ticket and apologize because the information you first provided is not correct.
-          Reduce our mistakes. Since we have access to all the information and tools to get the information (Forum), we should not have a reason to provide a wrong information to our distributors.  Also, you are free to ask your Supevisor/Manager to confirm any information.
-          Live Chat.  If you do not have the answer to the distributor’s inquiry,  always offer that you will reply to the same ticket once you receive the information.


 “Smart people learn from their mistakes. But the real sharp ones learn from the mistakes of others.”