1. Upon cancellation or termination of the Independent Distributor Agreement, Independent Distributors may return for refund Starter Kit, products and sales aids that: (a) He or she personally purchased from the Company; (b) Are in resalable condition. Any items that have been clearly identified at the time of sale as non-returnable, discontinued, or as seasonal items shall not be considered resalable; and (c) were purchased within 15 days from enrolment date will receive 100% product price including shipping costs or if were purchased between 16 days up to 1 year prior to the date of cancellation will receive 90% of the product price, less shipping costs.

2. Independent Distributors must certify that over 70% of previously purchased products have been sold before further products can be ordered (this is commonly referred to as 70% Rule). Products certified as sold under this 70% rule are not eligible to repurchase under this section. Please check Policies and Procedures for further details.

3. Upon acceptance of a resalable Starter Kit and/or resalable products and sales aids, the Independent Distributor will be reimbursed in the same form as the original payment was submitted. If an Independent Distributor was paid a commission based on a product that was subsequently returned for a refund, the Company will (a) deduct from the amount of the refund any commission that was paid based on that product purchase, (b) deduct the applicable PV/GV of the Independent Distributor(s) who earned commissions/bonuses based on the sale of the returned products.