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Country            JAPAN
Company:     Organo Gold International Japan KK
                                     (オルガノ  ゴールド  インターナショナル  ジャパン株式会社)
Address:        2-22-23 Sakawa, Sakura-ku, Saitama-shi, Saitama-ken, Japan, 338-0823.
       (〒338-0823  埼玉県さいたま市桜区栄和2-22-23)
Corporate  Contact:           Naoko Tsukamoto
Opening Date:      July 11, 2012
Customer Support:  
Paradigm World Marketing Ltd.   
Phone: (81)  48-855-9362  
Fax: (81) 48-855-9360
Email Support Hours: Monday - Friday 9 am to 5 pm  JST  (Japan Standard Time)
Phone Support Hours: Monday - Friday 9 am to 5 pm  JST  (Japan Standard Time)
Language availability: English, Japanese.
Currency:     US Dollar
Starter Kit:      Required Purchase
Packs  Available:   OG NFR Pack 1, Pack 2, Pack 3, Pack 4, Pack 5. No individual boxes are sold
      Pack 2, Pack 4, Pack 5 are only available after the initial order due to customs limit.  
Taxes:     No sales taxes applies
Country Code:     JP
Product Code:    JP
Method of payment:   Credit Card  
Commission pay out system:     Bank deposit



Organo Gold International Japan KK
Requirements for becoming an NFR Distributor in Japan:  
1.  Applicant must be residents of Japan
2.  Only individuals can register as distributors. Business entities are not accepted at the moment.
3.  Applicants  must  submit  an  application  by  fax  to  (81)  48-855-9360 or  through  the  Internet  via  the
Organo Gold Website, Replicating Website or Distributor Back Office. On any one of these three sites,
select “Japan NFR” in the menu. A digital signature will also be required.
4.  The only purchase requirement to become a distributor is that of a Starter Kit, which includes: NFR
Gaiyo-shomen, NFR Keiyaku-shomen, a Japanese Compensation Plan, Japanese Policies & Procedures,
three (3) Application Forms, three (3) Order Forms, and samples, 1 year back office access.
5.  During the initial signup, distributors must purchase a Starter kit. They have the option to include an
OG NFR pack 1 OR OG NFR pack 3.  
6.  A signed fiscal copy of the application form must be submitted by the applicant by postal mail, by fax to
(81) 48-855-9360 or via email at  
7.  If  the  applicant  meets  the  necessary  requirements, they  will  get  the  status  of  Japanese  distributor
under NFR and will secure a position in the organization.
8.  Japan NFR distributors can enroll other distributors under Japan NFR, or under other countries where
Organo Gold is officially open.  
1.  Products available in Japan:
Starter Kit  USD $59.97 *   
OG NFR Pack 1  USD $90.00   *   
CV= 50
OG NFR Pack 2  USD $150.00 *`
CV= 90
OG NFR Pack 3  USD $120.00 *
CV= 70
OG NFR Pack 4  USD $170.00 *
CV= 100
OG NFR Pack 5  USD $200.00 *
CV= 120
           *    Shipping fee included
           For Packs details please refer to the Japan Pricing list
           No individual boxes are sold
2.   Distributors can only place orders for personal consumption. There is no suggested retail price.
3.  All orders will be process as US transaction in US Dollars.
4.  The initial order may not exceed USD $200.00 (Starter kit + NFR pack 1 OR NFR pack 3). Subsequent
reorders may not exceed USD $200 each (shipping included). Distributors cannot place more than one
order per week.
5.  Only credit card payments are accepted.  
6.  Orders can be made online or by faxing an order form to (81) 48-855-9360  
7.  All orders are shipped from the OG warehouse in Ferndale, USA . Door to door delivery to Japan via
Access courier service.  
8.  Five (5) to seven (7) business days for delivery of the orders.
9.  Return Policy: If returns are made within 22 days (cooling off period) of the invoice date, the distributor
will  receive  a  full  refund  (100%).  The  distributor must  return  the  product  to  the  Paradigm  office  in
Japan  at 2-22-23 Sakawa, Sakura-ku, Saitama-shi, Saitama-ken, Japan, 338-0823. (〒338-0823  埼 玉
県 さ い た ま 市 桜 区 栄 和2-22-23) There is a 10% restocking fee after the cooling off period ends, up to a
maximum of 1 year of invoice date. Products are non-refundable after the 1 year period.  
10. Repurchases  (Buy  Back)  policy:  Upon  cancellation  or  termination  of  the  Distributor  Agreement,
distributors  may  return  for  refund  Starter  Kits  or  Product  Packs  that  were  purchased  within  1  year
prior to the date of cancellation at 90% of the Distributor’s net cost, less appropriate setoffs and legal
11. For  returns,  exchanges  or  other  order  enquiries,  distributors  can  contact  Paradigm  by  emailing  to, or by phone at (81) 48-855-9362.
Commission payments:
1.  There is no Fast track bonus or rank advancements on the initial packs. Distributors will only collect the
2.  The commission will be paid through the OG Wallet with the option for Japan bank transfer and/or OG
Wallet visa card
Customer Service support:
Distributors must visit the Official OG website,, to log into their Back Office. In the
Back Office, they will find information about the company, OG products, compensation plan, policies and
procedures, terms & conditions, and NFR Gaiyo/Keiyaku–shomen.
If the distributors still cannot find the answer to their question, they can contact Paradigm by emailing to or by phoning at 81 48-855-9362 Monday through Friday between 9am to 5pm JST.