1. Upon cancellation or termination of the Independent Distributor Agreement, Independent Distributors may return for refund Starter Kits, products and sales aids that (a) he or she personally purchased from the Company; (b) are in resalable condition. Any items that have been clearly identified at the time of sale as non-returnable, discontinued, or as seasonal items shall not be considered resalable; and (c) were purchased within 1 year prior to the date of cancellation at 90% of the Distributor’s net cost, less appropriate setoffs and legal claims.

2. To be eligible for refund, Starter Kits or Product Packs must be returned complete; individual components will not be refunded.

3. Independent Distributors must certify that over 70% of previously purchased products have been sold before further products were ordered (this is commonly referred to as 70% Rule). Products certified as sold under this 70% rule are not eligible to repurchase under this section. Please check Policies and Procedures for further details.

4. Upon acceptance of a resalable Starter Kit and/or resalable products and sales aids, the Independent Distributor will be reimbursed 90% of net cost of the original purchase price(s) in the same form as the original payment was submitted. Ship ping charges incurred at the time of purchase will not be refunded. If an Independent Distributor was paid a commission based on a product that was subsequently returned for a refund, the Company may (a) deduct from the amount of the refund any commission that was paid based on that product purchase or (b) deduct the applicable PV/GV from the commissionable month in which the return was processed.