Shipping Fee:                        Available: 1-4 Items= KES 600 Add items= KES 57,

Bronze= KES 828

Silver= KES 1,683

Gold= KES 4,020


Delivery Options:                Shipping: Courier Company Aramex Kenya


VAT:                                       All Beverages= 16%.

Starter Kit, back office renewal, Shipping & handling= 16%


Currency:                              For purchases: Kenyan shilling – KES

                                                For commission pay out: US Dollar


Method of payment:          


Bank transfer/Bank deposit:

Account name: Organo Gold Kenya Ltd

Account number: 2027707028 - KES current account

Bank: Barclays Bank

Account branch: Barclays Plaza Branch

Account Address: P O Box 46661-00100, Nairobi, Kenya.


Commission pay out system:     OG Wallet Bank Transfer.                         


Company document:          Application form, Compensation Plan, Policies and Procedures, Country Transfer Form (English)


Marketing documents:       Flip Chart, Product Brochure, Compensation Plan Brochure (English)


Home country transfer for existing Distributors:


1. Distributor must fill the Home Country Transfer Form and the Independent Distributor Application Form for Kenya located under documents in the BackOffice and send them by e-mail to between October 25, 2013 and November 15, 2013. Transfer requests will not be processed if received after November 15,


2. A 100.00 USD administrative fee will apply. Distributor must include the Home Country Transfer-Administration fee Form together with the request.


3. If approved, transfer requests received on or before November 15, 2013 will be processed approximately around December 17, 2013.