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Country:      PORTUGAL    
Full Opening Date:     February  15,  2014.   00:00  UK time   in London
Company :      ORGANO GOLD EUROPE B.V.  
                      Dr. Willem Dreesweg 2 Suite 88A,   
                                          1185 VB Amstelveen, Netherlands.
Corporate  Contact :             Paul Jarvis
                                             Regional VP for Europe, FSU, Africa
                                                 Email:  paul.jarvis@orga  
Additional contact person:  
                                                 Karen Connor    
Head of Sales  -  Europe  
Distributor Support/ Order Entry / New registrations:  
Organo Gold Europe B.V.   
Phone: + 351 213665253
Email/Phone Support Hours: Monday -Friday 8:00 am to 5:00 pm (GMT) Time in London, UK /
(WET) Time in Lisbon,     Portugal  
Languages available: English, French, German, Gree k, Italian, Dutch, Spanish, Portuguese
Help desk:  
Codes:         Product:  PT
                        Country:  PT
Country Status:      Full retail  
Compensation Plan:   Standard Version  
Starter Kit:       Required Purchase  
EU Promo:     Available from February 15
 until   February 28th   or until supplies lasts  
( Promo Pack Detail below *)
Products Available :  Black Coffee, Latte, Mocha, Hot Chocolate, Green Tea   (Availability Date to be announced )
Promotional Sales Packs:  Bronze, Silver and Gold  (Availability Date to be announced)

Delivery Options:  Courier company :  MRW
Pick up: Not available  
    February  12, 2014  
Shipping Fee:       1 -4 Items=  11.55 €.  Add items=  0.37   €,   
Bronze=  13.40 €.   
Silver=  19.69 €.   
Gold=  37.45  €.   
VAT :     All Beverages except chocolate   = 23 %
  Chocolate 6%
Starter Kit, back office renewal,  Shipping & handling =  23%  
Currency :     For purchases:   €  (Euro)
      For commission pay out:  €  (Euro)
Method of payment:    Credit Card (Visa, MasterCard) ,   
Commission pay out system:      OG Wallet Bank Transfer.     
Company document:    Independent Distributor Application (IDA )  –  In  Portuguese  
DBA   -  In  Portuguese  
Request for Home  Country Transfer Form ( HCT )  -  In  Portuguese  
Credit Card Billing Authorization Form (CCBA)  -  In Portuguese  
Credit Card Billing Authorization Administrative Fee (CCBAAF)  -  In  Portuguese  
Policies and Procedures   ( P&P )   -  In  Portuguese  
Compensation Plan   ( CP)   -  In  Portuguese  
Marketing documents:   Flip Chart, Company Profile, Product Brochure, Compensation Plan Brochure ( Portuguese )   
Home country transfer for existing Distributors:
1. Fill the Home Country Transfer Form and the Independent Distributor Applicatio n  Form for Portugal located under
documents in your BackOffice and send them by e -mail to between February 25, 2014 and March
15, 2014. Please note that transfer requests will not be processed if received after March 15, 2014 .
2. A 1 00.00 EURO administrative fee will apply. You must include the Home Country Transfer -Administration fee Form
together with your request.   
3. Cash out all commissions from your current OG Wallet account.  
4. If approved, transfer requests received on or before March 15, 2014 will be processed approximately around April 15,
Any commissions already released prior to approval of this request cannot be transferred to the new country.
    February  12, 2014  
*  February EU Promo
Units  Item  
0  Café Black
EU Feb Promo 2014
0  Café Mocha  
0  Café Latte
Sale price*:  
0  Green Tea
Total CV:   400  
10  Red Tea
Total UPV ($):   533  
10  Black Ice
Total QV:   550  
Fast Track:  $0.00
* Rank Advance to Gold Qualified status
*Tax/shipping exclusive  
EU Feb Promo 2014 (UK)
Sale price*:  
Total CV:   300  
Total UPV ($):   450  
Total QV:   450  
Fast Track:  $0.00
* Rank Advance to Gold Qualified status
*Tax/shipping exclusive  
    February  12, 2014