Shipping and Returns Updates:

Dec 6th, 2012:

●All product Request Forms are being APPROVED and investigated by the Logistics team. For shortages claims on products that weight less than a pound Logistics will forward the inquiry directly to the warehouse for investigation. This applies to all warehouses.

●For CA warehouse- Assemble orders still at the warehouse can be cancelled if not in transit to the distributor. All request for cancellations have to be send to Michiko, Kevin or Rebeca. CA warehouse will not cancel an order if it’s coming from someone else than mentioned above.

●For EU and UK there is no change of shipping method. No exceptions.

●FOR MX: Distributors must report missing and damaged packages within 24 hours from the “delivery”  or “picked up” time.

●FOR MX: Distributors must report shortages within 24 hours from the “delivery”  or “picked up” time.

Refunds Updates for MX:

Returns Dept. has a limited time in issuing a refund for cancelled orders:

▫CC payments- HQ can issue the refund within 120 days (check payment date) if over 120 days refund has to be issued by the MX office

▫Bank payments: All refunds are processed by the MX office

▫Cash payments: All refunds are processed by the MX office

If the refund has to be processed by the MX office we will need the following:

Bank payment:
a)complete name
b)bank name
c0”clabe” number (18 digits)

CC payment:
a)CC number (16 digits)
b)complete name
c)type of card (visa or MasterCard)

Cash payments:
a)Distributors have the option to be refunded via CC or bank deposit. If they choose bank deposit or CC they must provide the necessary details as mentioned above.
b) We need proof of payment (receipt)

Dec. 7th, 2012

Further Clarification on point:

●For EU and UK there is no change of shipping method. No exceptions.

If an order is status “READY” with the “pick up” option the csr can edit and change the shipping method to “shipping” and charge the difference in the system.

If the order is status “READY” with  “shipping” is the shipping method chosen, No changes can be made here. We cannot change the shipping method option from “shipping” to “pick up” once they have paid. If we do this the order will be status “credit owed” and the invoice will not be received by assigned warehouse.

As mentioned above for EU and UK orders  once an order is status “assemble” with either pick up or shipping, we will not make any changes. For this reason, before we can make exceptions please ask Rebeca or Michiko for approval first. 

Jan. 8th, 2013

●Europe and Uk:

The Pick Up option was removed from the system Dec. 15th, 2012. Shipping is available for EU NFR countries (personal consumption ONLY).
Distributors have until Jan. 31st to pick up their orders at Gout or make any shipping arrangements with Gout(for orders placed before Dec. 15th).  After Jan. 31st all unclaimed orders will be returned to Schenker.  Once orders are returned, distributors must pay shipping fees to get their orders ship. There is NO pick up at Schenker.

●Slovenia and The Czech Republic will be open tomorrow Jan. 9th, 2013

●Gustavo is working on placing the refund policy in the distributor agreement and policy and procedure for each country.


Mexico Office will be opening distribution centers at their top sales states. At the moment they have chosen the following states:


There will be an official announcement once these distribution centers are ready to go. Distributors will be able to choose their most convenient pick up location in the system when placing an order.  Please note these are not customer service centers- ONLY pick up locations.

●US & CA:

Coffee Concierge will be shut down Jan. 31st. An e-blast was sent to all distributors to use their credits before this date.

CA warehouse- items 801, 802 and 803 were removed mid Dec. from the shopping cart until further notice.

Jan. 31th, 2013

● Europe and UK:

All orders not picked up at Gout by today Jan. 31st will be returned to Schenker.  Once returned distributors must pay FULL shipping fees to get their orders.

We will no longer have any communication with Gout starting Feb. 1st.


Our two pick up centers in Mexico are now open to distributors.  These pick up center are located in Guadalajara and Chihuahua.  Distributors cannot choose these pick up locations yet when placing an order.  I will let you know when this is done.

Refunds Update:
Memberships are being automatically  cancelled in the system when we refund a Starter Kit.

Returns Procedures- Please advice distributors to make sure they pack and protect our coffee well before returning. Advise them to use a different box- not the OG box. Our boxes are made for ONE way only.

We now have a refund policy for PERU:
It is as follow:
●distributors will receive Full refund (minus shipping and shipping tax) for orders returned within 30 days (from the payment date).  After 30 days BUY BACK policy will apply.
●There is a limitation of US $250.00 in a year for this policy. Which mean that in a year a distributor cannot exceed to be refunded more than $250.00 in a year with the exception of the following:

Promo packs
Promotional sales packs
combo cases