1) Schedule of Weekly and Monthly commissions


Weekly commissions are paid every Fridays, 2 weeks after the commission date. Monthly commissions on the other hand, are paid every 20th of the next month.  Please note that there is a $2.50 admin fee deduction for every commission earned. This is the reason why the amount do not match exactly with the figures in the back office.


The following are the procedures for commission payouts:

a.  First Week – initial purchase and/or OG Promotional Sales packs that are sold.

b.  Second Week – Validation of the purchases/qualifications.

c.  Third Week – commission release through check or OG debit card.


2) How to qualify for each rank and how to stay qualified each month. What is the minimum PV required to generate each month for DT qualification.


Please remember that in order to get paid for dual team commissions, you have to be active (making your personal volume, minimum 50 points, depending on your rank) and dual team qualified (have at least 1 personally sponsored person on the left leg and on the right leg, each ordering minimum 50 points each) on each calendar month.


For a Marketing Associate and Supervisor ranks, you need to maintain 50PV/month. For Consultant and Sapphire, you need to maintain 100PV/month. For Emerald and above 200PV/ month is required.


3) What is the difference between being active and qualified?


Being active is placing your Personal Volume (PV), minimum 50 PV depending on your rank on a monthly basis. Being Dual Team Qualified means having at least 1 personally sponsored person on left leg and on the right leg, each ordering minimum 50 PV each on a monthly basis as well.


4) Why am I only paid out on some of my dual team points?


OG  Distributors  can  earn  up  to  20%  of  Pay  Leg  (lesser  leg)  volume  to  an  unlimited  depth  in sales increments of  300 CV.  Any unpaid volume on your pay leg will be carried forward to the next week so long as rank qualification requirements are met. A minimum of 300CV on each leg is required to generate a bonus. When a Dual Team Bonus pays out, an equal amount of CV is deducted from each leg. 


Qualified Marketing Associates and Supervisors earn up to 10% of the Pay Leg. Consultants earn up to 15%, and Gold Pack Qualified and Qualified Sapphires and above earn up to 20%. Weekly commission caps apply.


5) Reason why their commission's going down from 20%-15%, 15%-10%, 20% - 10%

A distributor's commission percentage will go down once qualification is not met.


6) Gold Pack is not a rank

Please be advised that a gold pack is not a rank.  It is a promotional pack.  If failed to meet the qualifications required for the promotional Gold status, commission will decrease up to 10%.  However, 20% commission can still be attained by reaching the Sapphire rank.


7) What points compromise for  dual team and unilevel bonus

- Promotional Sales packs and first product orders of the people in your organization (your personal downlines and all their downlines) will go to the dual team points. Any reorders after their first product order will go to the unilevel points.

-Promo packs are considered first product order.  In this case, if a new dist purchased a b-kit and a promo pack, his next order will go to the unilevel points.


8) Why are points flushing?

Should a Distributor remain inactive, any accumulated volume for the current commission period will be flushed. Please see below explanation if the Distributor is active but not Dual Team Qualified.


(1) the accumulated volume will not carry over the first month

(2) 1/2 of the total volume  in each leg will be flushed the second month, and

(3) 2/3 of the total volume in each leg will be flushed the third month. 

9) Why I am not receiving commissions even if I am active and dual team qualified this month? (qualification is based from previous month's qualifications)


Please note that monthly qualifications are based on last month's qualification.

For example, if you have not been active and dual team qualified for July, you will not be qualified for dual team commissions on August. Just the same, if you become active and dual team qualified on August, you will earn your dual team commissions by September.


10) How to reach 20% commission once you have failed to qualify (reaching sapphire)

If you fail to meet the qualifications required for the promotional Gold rank, 20% commissions can still be attained by reaching the Sapphire rank. 


11) $2.50 admin fee/accounting fee


A $2.50* accounting fee/administrative fee applies to each commissionable period (weekly/monthly/quarterly commissions), this is the reason why  commissions loaded to your OG Wallet does not match exactly the amount shown in your back office. This administrative fee covers currency conversions, general account and organizational tree maintenance, etc.


*the 2.50 may be in USD/CAD/EUR depending on country of distributorship.


12) Why do I have negative points showing in my dual team?

Please check if there are returned products in his organization and DT organization.


13) How to create an AS/Cancel and modify it?


To Cancel:

If you wish to cancel your autoship, please ensure to cancel it at  least  2  business  days  before  the  scheduled autoship date. 

From your back office, please go to Autoship and just click on edit. From the drop down menu, choose "cancel" instead of "active" and then, click submit at the very bottom of the page. 


To Modify:


If you wish to modify your autoship, please ensure to modify it at  least  2  business  days  before  the  scheduled autoship date. 

If you want to edit your autoship, simply log in to your backoffice, and click on the tab labeled 'autoship' on the left side of the screen. Click on 'edit and you will be taken into the page wherein you can change your items. Please remember to scroll down and click on the 'submit' button otherwise your changes will not be saved.