1. 1.     When will the price adjustment take effect?

The price adjustment will be effective June 08th, 2015.


  1. 2.     In which countries and on what products, the price adjustment will be implemented?

The price adjustment will be implemented across most of the OG products in Asia (except Malaysia, Philippines, Hong Kong), North America (except Jamaica), South America (except Costa Rica) regions.


  1. 3.     Why do we have to adjust the price?

One of the recent changes impacting the cost of goods and services is the strong US Dollar and thus our increasing overall business costs. Over the past year, we have been managing these costs internally through a series of increased operational efficiency. At this point, however, we can no longer buffer these rising costs.


  1. 4.     How is the adjustment reflected in the price list?

There’s a slight price raise in most of the products, also, product’s PV and CV are adjusted as well.


  1. 5.     How is this price adjustment to affect the Canadian price list? **(INTERNAL INFORMATION ONLY)**

Canadian price list will no longer be same as the USA price list. In CA price list, the conversion rate between UPV (based on $US) and CV (based on $CAD) will be 1:1.25 (currently it is 1:1)


  1. 6.     How is this price adjustment to affect the Mexican price list? **(INTERNAL INFORMATION ONLY)**

The conversion rate between price in $US and $MXP will be 1:15 (currently it is 1:13)




  1. 7.     What is the difference between UPV and CV?

UPV means Universal Point of Value or Global CV which is based on $US; while CV in price list means local CV based on local currency.


  1. 8.     Where can distributor find the adjusted price list?

The adjusted price list is posted in the Documents folder of backoffice, under each country.


  1. 9.     Will the price of promotional sales Packs be adjusted as well?

Yes, it will. The adjusted prices of promotional sales Packs will be posted in backoffice soon.