Hi Everyone,


  • Mr. Holton announced the global launch of the new promotional sales packs in March. 

          Please note configuration of product contents in each pack will be updated in price list on backoffice before launch.

  • Universal Capping will discontinue when the new promotional sales packs go live in March.

  • ​Mr. Holton announced the 3 New Ranks and the qualifications. The 3 new ranks should be now reflected in backoffice system.

The 3 ranks will be added between Consultant and Sapphire Consultant (please see BO for your reference). The qualification requirements are:

- Qualified as Consultant 

- DS must achieve the required PGV. Please note there's 50% limit: no more than 50% of the PGV should come from a single unilevel tree leg.


VIP Consultant  -- 2,500 PGV

Platinum Consultant -- 5,000 PGV

Platinum Elite Consultant -- 10,000 PGV


​The 3 new ranks will be paid as Consultant and the payout rate is based on their Consultant status (Silver or Gold). So, the new ranks will not make any change in the commission structure, it's more for recognition and incentive program.

If distributor meets the qualification of the new rank, their qualified/paid rank in the month will show accordingly.


  • Triple 500 Promo pack has been turned on for US, Canada, Mexico, Jamaica. Please note that is one time purchase only. (See attached content of the packs)

  • 2016 Seas the Moment Incentive and qualifications have been announced. We removed the brochure posted in our Corporate website, it is better to recommend the distributors to wait for further details.

  • 2016 OG international convention has been announced, OG Expo is the new name of the international convention, it will be held in Tampa, Florida from Sept 3rd - 4th. Tickets will be available to buy on OG convention website. 

 Here's the website for the OG EXPO.


  • Announced as well, the annual Europe convention will be held in Verona, Italy from June 11th - 12th, 2016. (The eblast of EU convention was sent out on Feb 17th, 2016)