ANNOUNCEMENTSubject :  Organo Products Return Policy

Attention :  All Organo Gold Independent Distributors

          Organo Gold International (Thailand) Co., Ltd. provides the Organo Products Return Policy from the Independent 

Distributors by requiring the refund of the product is responsible for the cost of shipping products from the company 

and the fee for returned products from the 10% accordance to the HQ's Policy. The Independent Distributor shall take 

the unused products in good condition along with the original receipt returning to the contact person at the company 

branch which had been ordered and request in writing within 30 days of the order. The Company will issue a credit at 

the rate of 90% of the value of products ordered on the attached receipt attached return to the Independent Distributor.

To be effective since the return products on April 18th, 2016 onward. Organo Gold International (Thailand) Co., Ltd.