1. OG Nigeria via Fedex Red Star Express will deliver products to the address specified by customer on the invoice. OG will make reasonable efforts to deliver the products within the time window according to its own quality targets.


2. OG will deliver the products to the specified address, alongside an airway bill, to the recipient, their spouse or a person authorized in writing to receive the shipment 2-3 business days within Lagos and 4-6 business days outside Lagos, after successful placement of orders and payments online.


3. OG shall be entitled to hand over delivery to substitute recipients as mentioned on paragraph 2. Substitute recipients shall be:
a. Relatives of the recipient or their spouse.
b. Other persons present on the recipient’s premises, or
c. Residents in the same house or neighbors of the recipient if they may be
assumed, on the basis of the circumstances, to be authorized to receive the



4. OG will keep shipments which were not delivered according to paragraphs 2 and 3 above for pick-up by the recipient or substitute recipient at Fedex Red Star nearest satellite office for a period of five working days from the day following the day of the 3rd delivery attempt. This also applies in cases in which OG cannot reasonably be expected to make the delivery as a result of excessive difficulties or of special hazards at the point of delivery.


5. Products will be considered undeliverable in cases in which no person authorized to receive within the meaning of paragraphs 2 and 3 above is present and the period of pick-up has elapsed without result, the recipient, their spouse or the person authorized to receive has refused to take delivery of the products or the recipient cannot be determined.


6. Products uncollected after pick-up time has elapsed will attract daily penalty of 150 Naira per kilo and will eventually sent back to the point of origin after 10 working days.


7. OG Nigeria will send the tracking numbers thru sms to individual distributor to be able to track the status of their packages. Packages can be tracked via Fedex Red Star website





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