Our Italian Distributors are restricted to place an order over €350 per month. The Business Entry Kit and BackOffice Renewal fee are excluded from the purchase limit. Only distributors registered in Italy must follow this rule. This rule is not applicable to Italian retail customers and distributors from other countries whose products will be shipped to Italy.


As for the OG Truck Promo Pack, it is a limited time offer and considered as exempted in this purchase limit policy. These packs were usually sold at the event by instant POS payment. 


Please note that if the monthly purchase limit exceeded, the system will decline the order with a credit card payment.  If we receive an inquiry about this, please check the following.


1)  the distributor's monthly personal purchase should be equal or under €350 (including shipping cost and taxes). 

2) If the ds exceeded the limit, please inform him to adjust or modify the order content (please provide a deadline). In case, the distributor has already submitted the full payment through wire transfer, we can process a refund for the over-payment after reducing the order total.