*First step is to visit distributor's OG wallet account.

A)  If the account says PRE-ACTIVATION.  Please check the email address provided.

-  If the email address is the same as the BO email address, please send the link "forgot your password"


-  If there is no email address in the OG wallet account or email address is different in the OG wallet and BO.  Please send the macro NO EMAIL OR NEEDS EMAIL UPDATE. Then, please give the id number to Jill.

B)  If the account says OPEN.

-  Please inform the distributor that his/her request has been submitted to our OG wallet department.   Then, please give the id number to Jill.


C) No OG Wallet account - submit request to Jill.



*****Please take note:  Upon Sign up, distributors are automatically registered for an OG Wallet Account - An activation email will be sent to the email on file provided that this email is Valid and Unique.  Please advise the distributor to follow the link to activate the OG Wallet account.