The Star Achiever award program is to encourage our distributors to promote their retail sales since they are counted towards their monthly PQV.  Please note that this program is available to all the countries.


How it works:

Each month your PQV totals 450 or more, you will earn a STAR.  But consistency is the key!  For instance, if your PQV totals 450 in January 2014, you will earn your first star pin in February, and if your PQV totals 450 or more in February, then you earn your two star pin, and if you repeat in March – congratulations, you will receive the 3 star  pin in April.


If you earn the first STAR  pin in January, but your PQV is only 400 in February, you will have to start the process over and begin again in March to reach the 450 PQV level, and repeat the 450 PQV  again in April before you will receive your two star pin.


Keep this 450 PQV consistency each month and continue to earn your STAR pins every month.  Build your consistency and reach the 3 star level and receive special recognition in the OG Experience Newsletter and special recognition at major OG sponsored events.


Keep in mind:

  • The break in consistency at any point in time will automatically reset the recognition count to zero.  When rebuilding your consistency, no extra pins will be awarded until you have surpassed your former consistency level.


  • The STAR pins will be shipped to you the following month of qualification.


 After 12 Stars:

Distributors are awarded a watch (unisex watch)


After 24 Stars:

Those that are achieving more than 24 stars will continue to be recognized onstage at special events (Convention and P50K)

However in regards to the pins, after 24 stars, they will be given every four months to represent milestones (ie: 28, 32, 36, 40 and 44, etc)