Below the regulations for using the Dubai office meeting room.

All bookings will have to be done by the local staff.


In order to optimize the use of this space and ensure its preservation and maintenance, this regulation provides:



• The Room will be available from Monday to Saturday from 2.00pm to 9.00pm by prior appointment.

• The room has a capacity of 50 people. Under no circumstances can more people be accepted for the security and standards of the building.

• The room may be used with the minimum attendance of 10 people.

• The room may be requested only by Distributors with the rank of Sapphire and above.

• The distributors that booked the room will be fully responsible for the conditions of the room.

• It is mandatory that the distributors come and stay for the duration of the meeting.

• It is strictly forbidden to stand on chairs.

• We advise not to bring food or beverages on the premises.

• It is mandatory to respect the structure of the room, not moving chairs, speakers, or any projector.

• The basic cleaning of the room is the responsibility of distributors.

• We kindly remind distributors that they need to bring their own laptops for all scheduled events.

• Corporate staff can make use of the room if necessary, informing distributors with anticipation.


• Send request by email to with the subject “ORGANO RESERVE ROOM”, indicating the date and time on which you want to use the room, the name and your distributor ID#.

• Bookings can also be made at the desk of our local office

• The room will be assigned in order of requests.

• If you have more than 5 applications per week or more than 2 applications by date, the designation of the room shall be determined by the corporate.


• Minimum 2 days before the booked date, in order to make it available to other distributors.

• Nonattendance at a scheduled event may lead to a two week ban from using the meeting room.