The new starter kits are now available in the backoffice and in our OG admin system to purchase.

Please be reminded, if existing distributors call us to buy starter kit, the maximum they can buy are 2 kits per account. This limit is set up in distributor’s backoffice shopping cart, but not in Admin access, so CSRs will need to keep it in mind.

Be advised of the following sku’s


EN1002: (ENGLISH)Business Entry Kit

ES1002: (SPANISH)Business Entry Kit

EN1004: (ENGLISH)Starter Kit

ES1004: (SPANISH)Starter Kit



EN1002CA: (ENGLISH)Business Entry Kit

FR1002CA: (FRENCH)Business Entry Kit

EN1004CA: (ENGLISH) Starter Kit

FR1004CA: (FRENCH) Starter Kit

Languages: Distributors can choose from either English or Spanish in US, and either English or French in Canada.

#1002 V.S. #1004:
When new customers purchase Business Entry Kit,  “XX1002” will be shown on the invoices.

#1002: $49.95
#1004: $34.95

If the orders for Starter Kit are placed by the existing distributors, they will use “XX1004”, which have lower prices than “XX1002”. And the existing distributors can only buy two maximum.