During the EU convention, the relaunch of the newly designed Uno, Due, Tre have been launched. A special combo pack was released on site:

Espresso Combo Pack Info –


SKU: 2016206XX

Price (excl. tax): € 478.50

Product Qty: 

Organo Uno 22

Organo Due 22 

Organo Tre 22 

Espresso Machine 1


CV: 279.84  PQV: 462

The Pack will give NO RANK ADVANCEMENT, however it will give you 60 days qualifications for example:

e.g. if distributor’s lifetime rank is Marketing Associate, purchasing this pack will make him qualified in June for 10% Dual Team pay and in July he just needs to be Active to keep qualification.

100 Packs with machines were sold onsite and charged with Italian VAT 10% and picked up by Distributors in the convention in Italy.

There are an additional 200 combo packs available to buy, by filling out an order form and processing the payment at the convention. Packs will be shipped to their countries and their local VAT will be added to the pack (see VAT list attached)


Besides Espresso combo pack, here are other main announcements:


- New Starter Kit will be going global at EXPO​

- Extra 5% for Platinum and Platinum Elite (going live in wk 6/13)

- New Espresso ZERO (decaf) launch (Available September 1st)