Hi All,

In the OG admin site, distributors' role were changed to INACTIVE/TERMINATED for those who remained inactive from 2012 to 2013. Inactive/terminated role will not have the access to the backoffice's shopping cart or renewal. 


This is the automatic system cleanup for inactive accounts. If the distributor's role is change to Inactive, we will not reactivate the account and the OG wallet will be canceled. If they wish to rejoin the OG business, we will just have to encourage them to register again as a new member.


Please note that the distributor's P&P states that the company reserves the right to remove Distributors from the system that are inactive in 12 consecutive months. 


Please review the following information about inactive and terminated accounts.

Inactive/Terminated by IT due to the purge of inactive accounts: No letter is required. They can rejoin immediately. It must be reported to your TL/Supervisor as we need to release the tax ID, login and email address.

Please note that we also have "terminated accounts" by compliance department. Please check the Audit tab from our admin site to make sure who "Terminated" the account. If you see that it was terminated by Jzelaya (see attached). It means that they have to settle any pending issue with Compliance in order to rejoin.

Inactive for more than 12 months but the role is Distributor: They need to submit the cancellation documents and no need to wait for 6 months to rejoin.