Dear Distributors,

At this time we have no objection to a Distributor selling OG products by the cup in a coffee shop setting, however, there are guidelines and rules that must be followed, including but not limited to:

  • Distributors may display the Organo official product & opportunity brochures within the store, enabling potential customers to inquire about the product.Only Organo approved brochures are allowed (please visit

  • Distributors may sell OG product on location, provided the OG product is on hand in a concealed location of the store.This way they ensure the direct sales business model.

  • Distributors may not advertise or promote the serving of OG products at their store in any advertising material, whether in print, electronic, or other.

  • Distributors may not use exterior signs or window displays advertising the Company or its products.

  • Distributors may not list or specify OG products in their menu. Products should be listed under its generic name. Example: Organo Gold Mocha - not permitted, Mocha - Permitted.

  • Distributors may not have OG product on display within or outside the store.

Please note that these regulations are in place to ensure that Distributors are not establishing a retail location environment and that they are compliant with the regulations of the Direct Seller Business Model that Organo and its distributors are licensed to. Organo compensates its Distributors for marketing products person to person. To protect person to person marketing efforts, the Company retains the discretion to restrict its products from being sold at any location which it does not deem acceptable.