If anyone will be asking how to subscribe to our eCampaigner system, please ask them to subscribe to the service via going to this url :   http://ecampaigner.organogold.com

After filling-out the form, they'll receive an email to confirm their request for subscription (please see sample email below). Once they've confirmed, they'll be added now to a special list in the ecampaigner system.

CSR Supervisor will review the list on a daily basis and will use the DISTRIBUTOR_ID to verify (from Oliver's system) if the person is a valid distributor or not. If he/she is a valid distributor, we'll add them to the list (country of their registration).





Thank you for subscribing to Organo's eCampaigner System.

You or someone had subscribe to this list on 01/06/2014 using the address itdept@organogold.com.

If you believe that this is a mistake and you did not intend on subscribing to this list, you can ignore this message and nothing else will happen.

As soon as you've confirmed your intention to subscribe to our eCampaigner system, we'll proceed and review your subscription request and will add you to the list if everything's alright with your account.

Thank you and may you have a great OG Day.



To confirm that you wish to be subscribed, please click the link below: