*InsufficientFunds- means the transaction was declined by the issuing bank e.g. credit limit has been max out or if using a debit card, there is no sufficient funds at the time of the transaction

*Decline  by  Acquiring  Bank  Fraud  system- meaning there was a previous payment attempt that was flagged by issuing bank as either stolen/retained/pickup card. The card#, email address is then added to the negative database

*Card  can  only  be  used  domestic- meaning the card can only be acquired locally. It is not allowed to be used in international transactions

*Acquiring  bank  specific  error.  (i.e.  bank  downtime  or  other  incidents)- Can be unknown error, bank downtime, wrong email, wrong country etc. The cardholder can attempt to pay again. 

*cc is issuer declined - reason could be insufficient funds or there is a problem with the card.


*The  cc  payment  type  [Hipercard]  and/or  currency  [USD]  is  not  accepted  RE FID:116866203 - It means that the payment gateway was not configured to process payment from this type of card.

*TransNotAllowedMerc- means InsufficientFunds


*Predefined rule - we need to consult finance dept to further identify the declined issue.


*Account Number Match - Private -

"This response indicates that there was a dispute filed with the card number and with the current configuration, it is set to not accept cards that meet the criteria. "