I want to place an order, where do I go?

You may purchase all your business and training tools like product and compensation brochures, banners, personalized business cards and many more by visiting www.businesstools.organogold.com.

What currency does Business Tools charge?

Organo Business Tools charges only in US Dollars.

What happens after I place my order for business card?

Once a personalized order is submitted, we make every effort to process and ship out within 3 to 5 business days. Once the order is shipped, please allow 7-10 business days travel time.

How do I track or check the status of my order?

A tracking number will be emailed to your registered email address and posted on your Organo Business tools profile. You may log-in at https://businesstools.organogold.com/customer/account/login/

anytime to view your tracking number, order history and order status. Please note that your Organo Business Tools account is separate from your back Office account

I live in a country outside of US and Canada, can I place Business tool orders?

Organo Business Tools currently ships to any valid US and Canada address only. We do not ship to PO box addresses. If you live outside of US and Canada, we can ship it to someone you know who lives in US and Canada.

What contact information can I put on my business card?

We are only able to print registered information found in your back office profile. On each business card or personalized banner order page, easy to follow instructions are posted. Please read them carefully and wait for the screen to refresh. You will see the business card preview appear on the left. This will give you an idea on how your business card / banner will look like when printed.

Can I put my professional designation / title (Ph.D, J.D., RN, MD, etc.) on my business card?

Due to standard compliance, Organo Business Tools is unable to include professional designations.

Can I put my distributor ID number on my business card?

Due to standard compliance, Organo Business Tools cannot put your distributor ID number on your business card / banner.

Can I put my replicated website address on my business card?

Due to standard compliance, Organ Business Tools can only put your Organo replicated website. One that has a prefix of .myorganogold.com. This is usually your back office log-in name.


I want to make changes or hold my order, how do I do that?

If you wish to make changes or hold your business tool orders, you may email us right away at businesstools@organogold.com quoting your request and order number. We will make every effort to accommodate. Kindly note that due to several factors, your order may have been processed and shipped out already. In this case, changes will no longer be possible.

Can I cancel my Business Tools order?

Kindly note that are sales are final for Business Tool orders.

May I get a digital copy of the business card template so I can produce my own card?

All Organo logos and designs are protected by copyright. We make every effort to provide you the latest and most current Business and Training tools that can be exclusively purchased through http://businesstools.organogold.com/