More Frequently Asked Questions for OG Fenix:

- Does OGX Nutritional Shake have any certifications as GMP, TGA or NSF?

OGX Nutritional Shake is made in a GMP certified facility. A GMP certification is for a
manufacturing plant - it stands for Good Manufacturing Practices with the regulations
enforced by US FDA.

NSF stands for National Sanitation Foundation, it is a paid certification to show the product
has no banned substances and meets the label claim. As our Shake is made in a GMP certified
facility and has been tested to show it meets the label claim and contains only what it should,
we did not choose to pay for additional NSF testing.

TGA stands for Therapeutic Goods Administration for Australia. The Shake is not yet licensed
in Australia, so we do not carry TGA certification.

- What is the exact amount of ganoderma in OGX Nutritional Shake?

We do not disclose the percentage of ganoderma contained in the Shake as it is the company's
proprietary information.
(However, if distributors insist on getting the answer, agent can advise them to email

- Where does the whey protein of OGX Shake come from? Is the protein from grass-fed

The whey protein of our Shake is from USA. Because it is certified organic, it is from grass-fed

- Are any of the ingredients in the shake made from corn?

The answer is NO, we have no corn protein in the Shake.

People who raised this question may have one of two concerns - the first is GMO, as many corn
products are GMO, but our Shake is non-GMO; the second one may be due to corn allergies.

- Does the OGX Shake have therapeutic effect?

No, we cannot claim our Shake is therapeutic as the Meal replacement is a food, not a

-  If people have kidney problems, can they consume OGX Shake?

If they are on dialysis, they will need to check with their doctor. The kidneys
process protein, if they are on dialysis, it will depend on their body and what the
doctor says they can have.

- It says the Shake contains milk, is that because of the Whey protein?

Yes, whey protein is derived from milk.

- What is the artificial flavoring that is used in the shake?

We use a combination of natural and artificial flavors to create a 'rounded' and
smooth flavor. Natural alone can get bitter taste. So there is a natural vanilla and
artificial vanilla, and a natural and artificial chocolate flavor.


-Soy in the OGX

We do have Soy Lecithin. Lecithin is a fat that is essential in the cells of the body. It can be found in many foods, including soybeans and egg yolks. Lecithin can help support healthy cholesterol levels, brain function and more. We have a total of 3 gram of fat in the CA shake (as shown in nutritional information chart), and this is primarily lecithin.