What is Ganoderma?

  • Ganoderma is an ancient mushroom cultivated and grown in China and other Asian countries. It has more than 2,000 years of history, originally reserved for royalty. It is regarded by the Chinese as the “Miraculous King of Herbs”. Featured in ancient and modern tests such as the American Herbal Pharmacoeia.

  • The Ganoderma infused in Organo products contain many natural compounds including beneficial anti-oxidants.


Where is your Ganoderma processed?

  • Our ganoderma is processed at a facility in partnership with the Fujian Xianzhilou Biological Science and Technology Co. This facility produces 100% certified organic Ganoderma and is the only one of its kind in the world.


Is your Ganoderma organic?

  • Our Ganoderma Lucidum is organic. However since our capsules are manufactured in Canada and registered as natural health product, due to new regulations under the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA), natural health products can no longer be certified as organic.



Is your Ganoderma Halal or Kosher?

  • Yes our Ganoderma is halal and kosher certified in ASIA only.

  • We are currently in the process of applying for both certificates in North America. (date of when we will receive these certifications is unknown at the moment)



Which products have Ganoderma as ingredient?

  • The only product which does not include ganoderma is our Grapeseed oil. Otherwise all our other products contain ganoderma.


How is your Ganoderma different from others used in other MLM Companies?

  • We harvest our Ganoderma via "Natural Log Harvest" and not Plastic Bag Harvested Ganoderma. Most Ganoderma available around the world is the “Plastic Bag” variety and you need to know Natural Log Harvested Ganoderma is much more potent and effective because it is harvested in accordance to the laws of pure Nature.

  • Regarding Ganoderma Spores, companies who market “Plastic Bag” Ganoderma do not have the capabilities of producing spores because they harvest the Ganoderma in plastic bags and the natural phenomenon of spores does not occur. Be sure to ask if the Ganoderma is Plastic Bag or Natural Log Harvested and always choose the Natural Log variety. It is said that Natural Log Harvest Ganoderma is the closest thing to Nutritional Perfection found in Nature.


What are the health benefits of Ganoderma?

  • Ganoderma is known for its antioxidant properties which can help maintain immune function and support good health.


What are the differences between Spores, Mycelium, and Ganoderma?

Each of these capsules are harvested from various different stages of growth from the Ganoderma mushroom:

Spores: come from the seeds of the Ganoderma mushroom. This is the most potent form of Ganoderma, and we use shell-breaking technology to fully obtain the powder in order to make the capsules. This is the richest source of polysaccharides and selenium, two compounds that are essential in maintaining and supporting the immune system and providing anti-oxidants.

Mycelium: comes from an 18 day old Ganoderma which is essential the root stage of the mushroom. Here, Ganoderma is rich in anti-oxidants, and polysaccharides which helps support immune function.