1.Why does the company need to make the enhancement to Compensation Plan?

The company has developed to a stage where it is important to enhance the Compensation Plan in order to support our distributors’ evolution and growth. We believe the enhancement will help distributors continue to grow and positively expand their business and income.


The Compensation Plan enhancement was put together with a focus on the field. Most of the details were decided together with the Global Distributor Council to ensure it is field focused, but at the same time make sure that the company is able to operate and sustain on a long term basis.

 2. When will the Compensation Plan enhancement be effective, and in which countries?

The Compensation Plan enhancement will be effective globally on October 1st, 2017.

 3. What is the main enhancement of Compensation Plan?

The main enhancement is that the qualification requirements for ranks of Sapphire and above are simplified. It will focus on the field / organization’s development rather than looking for the number of Consultants. It helps distributors advance their ranks to Sapphire or above easier and faster, as well as maintain the ranks consistently every month.

 4. Why are only Sapphire and above ranks’ qualification requirements adjusted and not the lower ranks?

The lower ranks, for example VIP, Platinum and Platinum Elite Consultant are considered a stepping stone towards the leadership ranks, thus making ranks such as Sapphire, Emerald and Ruby more achievable. We believe that meeting with the qualification requirements for lower ranks is a very important process for distributor to move up and help them in the success of their business.

 5. Will it become more difficult to get rank qualification under the enhanced compensation plan?

No, the main purpose of this enhancement is to help distributors advance and maintain their leadership (Sapphire and above) ranks and build a solid organization.

 6. What are the adjustments made to commission payout?

There is 1% adjustment on Unilevel Bonus starting from the 2nd paid levels. And, 2% adjustment on Unilevel Matching Bonus starting from the 2nd paid level which will only affect Ruby and above ranks.

 7. How will my commission be affected?

With the minor pay percentage adjustment, the amount of commission to be affected is nearly negligible. On the other hand, as the qualification for the leadership ranks become more achievable and easier to maintain, this will allow you to establish a stronger and more viable organization, therefore will have a positive impact on your commissions.

 8. Since now only 100 CV of the first order are counted towards Dual Team, will I earn less Dual Team Bonus?

Rest assured that any excessive CV after 100 CV of the first product order will be counted towards Unilevel. This will give you the opportunity to earn commissions not only from dual team but also from unilevel.


UL bonus qualification is easier to achieve comparing to DT bonus qualification, which would give you more chance to get paid. Besides, when CV goes to dual team’s power leg, the bonus may not be generated immediately; As well, dual team volume could get flushed when the bonus amount reaches the cap for the pay rank, but this will not happen to unilevel volume. All in all, your residual income from Unilevel will render as much as or even become more profitable than before.

 9. If my downline returns the first product order, where will the CV be deducted?

If the first product order has more than 100 CV, the first 100 CV will be deducted from dual team, and any excessive CV will be deducted from unilevel, same as how these volumes were counted when they generated.