Dormant Wallet Fees and Monthly Fees for each currency/country as provided by Hyperwallet.  Please note for SG and HK, the fees will be based on that day's conversion rate in Hyperwallet system.


Below are the answers (in blue highlight) to some of the questions that we had in regards to the fee changing. Also, it is important to know that we are lowering our admin fees from $2.50 to $1.50 per commission to help distributors with these new fees.


1) When is the monthly fee usually charged?

It is usually charged in the beginning of the month for that month. ex Oct 3rd charged for October 2 to Nov 2nd.


2) Would the pending fee be charged for every month if the wallet balance was zero?  For example, I don't earn commissions from Jan to May and in the middle of June my account is loaded with funds. Will I be charged $1.50 in July or will I be charged 6 x $1.50 for Jan - June?  This is mostly the concern of our distributors as some don't earn commissions every month or earn big amounts and some don't earn commissions for the first few months into signing up. 


In that example you provided, you would only get charged $1.50 USD for July only. The months that the wallet is loaded with commissions is when the monthly fees will be charged. So it will not be retroactive. 

3)  We have cases where we have to close the account and create a new one for name correction or if there's a transfer of distributorship since we can't update the profile. If the monthly fee has already been charged in the account and I close it, will it be charged again once I create a new Wallet or will it be charged the following month?


If monthly fee has already been charged in the closed account, it won't be charged again in the new account. However, if the closed account is not charged because the charge date has passed, the fee will be charged the following month.. 



Also in relation to the Dormancy, please note:


The following are considered an activity or transaction:
1)  Cash out to a bank account or OG Prepaid Card
2)  Using the Wallet balance to pay for OG purchases through the back office

The following are not considered an activity or transaction:
1) Commission loading by Organo
2) Logging into the Wallet