Since March 2016, the 3 new ranks - VIP Consultant, Platinum Consultant, Platinum Elite Consultant - have been added between Consultant and Sapphire Consultant (please see Backoffice for your reference). The qualification requirements are:

- To be qualified as a Consultant first. It means that the distributor must be Dual Team qualified as well. 

- Distributor must have the required PGV. Please note: No more than 50% of the group volume should come from a single Unilevel tree leg.


See the following information regarding the required PGV for the three ranks:

VIP Consultant  -- 2,500 PGV
Platinum Consultant -- 5,000 PGV
Platinum Elite Consultant -- 10,000 PGV


In regards to commission payment, it is the same as being paid as a Consultant. The payout rate, is determined by distributor's Consultant status (i.e. whether a Silver or Gold pack has been purchased), however, Platinum Consultant and Platinum Elite Consultant will be paid at 20% for dual team commission.


These ranks will usually be considered by the recognition and incentive programs.