1)      What is the Coffee Connoisseur Club by Organo?

Coffee Connoisseur Club is the new way customers can purchase and enjoy the various products Organo has to offer. This program will also allow all involved Distributors to promote and increase their retail sales and thus, expand their OG business.

2)    In which countries is the Coffee Connoisseur Club available?

 The Coffee Connoisseur Club is currently only available for distributors and retail customers in United States and Canada.

3)    Which products are available through the Coffee Connoisseur Club?

 The products available through the C3 Retail Site correspond to the products available for each country. For USA and Canada, we have:

  • Beverages

  1. OG Gourmet: Black Coffee, Café Mocha, Café Latte and Café Supreme

  2. OG Gourmet Premium: King of Coffee

  3. OG Teas: Organic Green Tea, Red Tea and Black Iced Tea

  4. Specialty: Hot Chocolate

  5. Brewing Cups: Rodeo Chai, Te Amo, Colombian Roast, African Red

  • Personal Care

  1. G3 Premium Beauty Soap

  2. OG Smile                     

  • Nutraceuticals

  1. Organic Ganoderma Lucidum

  2. Organic Mycelium

  3. Organic Spore Powder

  4. Grapeseed Oil Extract


 4)      What is Auto Monthly Delivery?

Unfortunately, we no longer offer Auto Monthly Delivery. If you are interested in having an automatic shipment every month, we encourage you to join our PC Program!



1)      How does this help my business?

 The Coffee Connoisseur Club will help your business in a number of ways, including:

 Providing your customers with the ability to purchase Organo products 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

  • Offering automatic monthly delivery for your customers, so they can receive regular shipments directly to their door

  • Not having to deliver all the products in person. This will create more time in your day to grow your business


2)      How can I get the volume and commission from my retail sales?

First, you need to activate your retail website. So your retail customers will be able to go to your replicating website and click the  "C3" button on the left side of your site which leads them to the Coffee Connoisseur Club site  ( Your retail customers can also go directly to the C3 website and enter your unique email address or id number  as referrer when placing an order. 

For every purchase of your retail customers and customers referred by your direct customers, you will receive retail commissions (less 10% for administrative fees).  Additionally, you will earn qualifying volume based on the Organo  Compensation Plan. 

3)      What will happen to the retail sales with no referrer?

If no referrer is to be found, the subsequent retail sales’ volume and commission will be credited to the next distributor ID in the Lead Referral Queue which consists of all participating distributors in the Retail Program that have had at least one retail order placed under them. 

4)      How do I sign up a new customer?

Step 1: Send the customer to your Replicated Website

Step 2: When they click the “C3” button, they will be directed to the Coffee Connoisseur Club retail website.

Step 3: They will then be able to order from this website and create a retail account.

 6)      Why would a customer want to use this?

The website is designed for customers who want to enjoy the OG products, without having to participate in the OG Opportunity. This is a brand new, untapped customer base that is very familiar and comfortable with the retail aspect of the business.

7)  Is there anything like this in the industry?

The Coffee Connoisseur Club is one of the first of its kind in the industry, which focuses on the customer only.  


8)   If I have any questions about the Coffee Connoisseur Club, whom should I ask?

If you need any assistance at all, don’t hesitate to contact OG Distributor Services (Toll free line: 1 877 674 2661, Live Chat: "Ask Us" on the website and




 1)    Why would I want to join the CCC?

 The new Coffee Connoisseur Club is all about great products and premium service that allow you to:

  •  Purchase Organo products 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

  • Track the shipping for all of your orders

  • Enjoy our products without having to participate in the OG Opportunity (however, should you choose to join the Opportunity, we heartily welcome you!)

 2)     If I have any questions about the Coffee Connoisseur Club, whom should I ask?

If you need any assistance at all don’t hesitate to contact your referring Distributor or call your special Customer Service team with any questions.

3)    Do customers need to pay a fee to join the Coffee Connoisseur Club?

The website is 100% free for the customer to use with no hidden fees.

4)    How do I return products or cancel my Club membership?

Any shipping or return issues will be handled directly by the special Customer Service team for Coffee Connoisseur Club at Organo. To see our shipping/return policies, click here.

5)     Do the prices for the products include tax?

No, the product prices do not include tax because it varies by region so it will be calculated and added at checkout.

6)     Will I be able to place a retail order without Distributor referral information?

Yes. Please call our call our special Customer Service team and they will help you setup an account if you were not referred by a Distributor or another customer. Or, if you are at the Coffee Connoisseur Website, you can click on "I was not Referred" while you are in the checkout stage

If you were referred by a current Customer, simply input their email address or their Distributor ID to complete your purchase when prompted for referral information during the checkout process. 

7)    What if I change my mind and decide to sign up as a new Distributor -how does that impact my Coffee Connoisseur Club membership?

To sign up as a Distributor please contact the Distributor that referred you. Your membership with the Coffee Connoisseur Club will not be impacted.



Unfortunately, we no longer offer the Sip, Sample & Share Program.