We talk a lot about the greatness of Ganoderma here at Organo — because it is the incredible substance that’s at the core of all of our products. But it’s the spores that are at the core of the greatness of Ganoderma.

We have mentioned how Organo will only use Ganoderma that has been cultivated the old-fashioned way — outside in nature, as it has grown for thousands of years. Many less scrupulous manufacturers use plastic-bag cultivated Ganoderma. The plastic bag grown variety is so far removed from the natural log-harvested environment, and is actually harvested three times a year, which means it doesn’t go through its natural one year growth cycle.

It’s what happens at the end of that one year growth cycle that makes Ganoderma so valuable — it starts to produce a white, baby powder-like substance. This is how the Ganoderma spores and reproduces itself, and it is those spores that literally make Ganoderma worth more than its weight in gold.

We thought we’d look a little more closely at those spores, and how they are treated by scientists at the OG Ganoderma processing facility in China. It is an exclusive process that is the secret behind OG’s very special Ganoderma.

•    First, that powder-like substance is carefully collected by hand from the Ganoderma mushrooms using special brushes.

•    It takes 1,000 kilograms of the powder to make just 1 kilogram of spores (which is why Ganoderma is worth more than its weight in gold!).

•    When looked at under a microscope, these spores have a protective shell that prevents the nutrients from being able to penetrate a human cell. Chinese scientists working for Organo spent years figuring out how to crack that shell without damaging the valuable nutrients within.

•    Upon successfully cracking the shell, the scientists were surprised to find a second shell — and spent several more years researching how to meticulously crack that shell.

•    The scientists wanted to make sure they were attaining the maximum possible benefits from these precious Ganoderma spores, so they developed patented technology and continued testing and testing until they achieved an amazing cracked-shell rate of 99.9 percent!

•    Compare that 99.9 percent rate to other, plastic bag harvested Ganoderma, which at its best barely cracks the 15 percent mark of cracked-shell spores, but at its worst can contain as little as 2 percent or even zero cracked-shell spores!

•    That makes OG’s 99.9 percent cracked-shell spores Ganoderma an incredible, exclusive product that no other company can offer!