Palm oil is not a direct ingredient added by or sourced by Organo.  It is a sub-component of the non-dairy creamer used to whiten and add a creamy texture to our pre-mixed beverage varieties. Palm oil is indeed rich in naturally saturated fats.  This in turn helps to remove concerns related to Trans-Fats, which are created during the artificial saturation that occurs when other types of vegetable oil are used.  It is precisely the saturated fats that offer the "smooth" or "creamy" feel associated with creamers. 

For a fat-free coffee treat, we recommend our Organo Gourmet Black Coffee, King of Coffee, and our wide array of Brewing cups.  These can be enjoyed on its own with hot water or with hot skim milk. Our Green and Red Teas are also popular fat-free beverages among Organo customers and distributors.