There are a number of reasons why we do not include fluoride in OG Smile. First, most people get plenty of fluoride in their drinking water, since there are variety of sources and routes of exposure, there are concerns about absorbing high levels of fluoride. Additionally, toothpaste with fluoride presents health risks to children during the early years - children under age 6 should not use fluoride as according to American Dental Association, child can swallow too much fluoride when it's tough to teach them to spit out toothpaste.

When too much fluoride is taken in, it can lead to dental fluorosis, this particular condition causes discoloration or pitting on teeth. It may appear as brown spots, scattered white specks or white spots. The teeth may even feel rough.

Therefore in general, fluoride is not a required nutrient. Most people are getting enough in their water or processed foods, and too much may not be a good thing for many.