Product Information 38

  1. King of Coffee- Grainy Deposits
  2. Allergies and Peanut Inquiry
  3. Bee Venom Mask – How is venom collected and why is cruelty-free?
  4. Overview of Organo Products’ Testing Process
  5. Why is the Mycelium purchased recently lighter in color? Does this impact quality and potency?
  6. What are the PH level and Ganoderma content of G3 Beauty Soap?
  7. What type of cocoa tree is the cocoa powder in Hot Chocolate derived from?
  8. Do OG coffee beverages contain catechols?
  9. Tannin in OG Green Tea and Red Tea?
  10. Is the glucose syrup used for Latte derived from corn?
  11. Are your products Vegan?
  12. Are your products certified Halal?
  13. Why doesn’t OG Smile contain fluoride and what is the benefit of that?
  14. Product with or without caffeine
  15. What are the product certifications of OG?
  16. Palm Oil
  17. Organo Ganoderma Spores
  18. Is your coffee low acid?
  19. Can I purchase products without becoming an independent Distribution Partner?
  20. Are the coffee beans Pesticide-free?
  21. Are Your Products GMO Free?
  22. Aluminum Silicate
  23. How do we harvest Ganoderma?
  24. Is there any Ganoderma in the Grapeseed Oil Extract?
  25. Beverage Nutrition Facts
  26. Where do you manufacture your products?
  27. Product Liability and Business Insurance
  28. Are the products Kosher?
  29. Which of your products are Organic?
  30. Can pregnant people take Organo products?
  31. Can Organo products prevent/cure diseases like diabetes or cancer?
  32. Are you Fair Trade?
  33. Can I take Organo products if I am on a certain medication?
  34. How can I sell Organo products?
  35. Are your products Gluten Free?
  36. Are your products Peanut-free?
  37. Are your Tea bags bleached?
  38. What type of sugar and creamer do you use?

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